Long Walks on Mooloolaba Beach!

February 9, 2017

On Brandon’s first day off here, we ventured to the rainforest and then Mooloolaba Beach (pronounced Ma-LA-la-ba). Each beach we’ve been to is unique. This one had larger waves perfect for boogie boarding. The children prefer smaller waves, so they played mostly in the sand. Oliver has been taking steps for a while now, but today, he really started to walk all over the place. It’s like he knew long walks on the beach is where it’s at! Haha.

Also, since school is back in session, we nearly had the place to ourselves. Bonus!

Mooloolaba Beach Mooloolaba Beach-2 Mooloolaba Beach-3 Mooloolaba Beach-4 Mooloolaba Beach-5 Mooloolaba Beach-6 Mooloolaba Beach-7 Mooloolaba Beach-8 Mooloolaba Beach-9

^Salt Lake Temple Sand Castle 🙂

And I was there, too, but I took on role of family historian, tag player, water boy, and wimpy boogie-boarder. 🙂

[February 6.]


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