Montville Charm and Scare

February 13, 2017

Hello charming Montville! Montville is a little town about half an hour away from Caloundra on the very tip top of a local mountain here. We got away one late afternoon on February 13 to go exploring. Our first stop was Kondadilla National Park. There was a hike we wanted to go on that led to a a waterfall pool. Well, not more than 3 minutes into the hike, Blake and Evelyn started crying hysterically. There was no way they were going to let us go any further.

Remember the rain forest sounds we heard on our last hike? Well, the sounds in this park was 10x louder than that one. I can’t wait to put the video together so you can hear how crazy it was. I have to admit I even got a little nervous.  Dusk was setting in and to be in that forest with all those sounds, well, it’s really good they got scared. Because we turned around and as soon as we got back to the car, it started pouring rain.

Brandon and I decided we will have to come back some day and do that hike sans kids.

Montville Montville-2

^That green though.

Montville-5 Montville-6

The rain stopped just enough for me to take a peek at Main Street. I’m not sure what it is about cute little main streets, but I LOVE to walk down them in every little town we stop at. My family stayed in the car while I jumped out to look at some of the quaint details of the shops and town.

Montville-7 Montville-8

We sure worked up an appetite with our hike (haha!) but since it was dark and late, we stopped at Montville’s Gourmet Pizza for dinner. We are pizza lovers at heart, and it really was one of the best pizzas we’ve had. We sat out on the outdoor covered patio and listened to the rain pour. If you ask the children what their favorite part of the night was, they’d tell you watching the geckos come out after dark and catch flies. We watched one for about 20 minutes after our dinner was eaten.

So travel lesson learned: sometimes you just have to let go of plans because of kids. We still made some fun memories though and that’s more important!

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