Happy Valley Happiness

February 23, 2017

I’ve never considered myself a beach girl. But after living within walking distance to several amazing, never crowded beaches, I’m trying to figure out a way we can move here long term. (And convince Brandon!) I’ve realized that the beach is the perfect playground for children. Each time we go, they are happy as a clam and could stay for hours. Playing in the sand never gets old and when it gets too hot, the water is right there to cool off in.

These photos are from Happy Valley on one of our first days here. I’m proud to report that Blake is over his fear of waves (at least little ones) and Oliver has no fear whatsoever of them. Evelyn is a fan, too. Happy Valley = happiness.
Happy Valley Beach-2

Happy Valley Beach-4 Happy Valley Beach-3
Happy Valley Beach-5 Happy Valley Beach-6 Happy Valley Beach Happy Valley Beach-7 Happy Valley Beach-8 Happy Valley Beach-9 Happy Valley Beach-10
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