B is for Brisbane, Australia!

February 24, 2017

[February 25] 2 words: South Bank. Brisbane created the South Bank for a big event they were having and if it’s not quite the most genius idea ever, I’m not sure what is. The South Bank is a large, FREE public park on the South End of the Brisbane River. There are multiple museums, restaurants, and public spaces surround the South Bank. But what we were most interested in was the amazing park, and swimming pools that sit right in the middle of the area.


^walking to the South Bank. We learned there are sharks in this river!

First Stop: The Park!

Australia knows how to do parks right. Many of them are covered and their play structures have so many cool toys to play on.

Brisbane-2 Brisbane-3 Brisbane-4 Brisbane-5 Brisbane-6 Brisbane-7

And then the pools!

Swimming in a ginormous pool next to the river with the city skyline as a backdrop was pretty awesome, but then the sandy pool bottom was even more impressive.  The sand is imported from the beaches and so naturally, it’s soft, white sand is heavenly. In fact, although we LOVED the beaches, the South Bank was liked even better because the water was shallow enough even for Oliver to play. And there were no waves! We stayed and played so long that day. None of us wanted to leave.

Brisbane-8 Brisbane-9 Brisbane-10 Brisbane-11 Brisbane-12 Brisbane-13 Brisbane-14

^We tried these potato twirls (can’t remember the name) from the nearby Saturday market that was right next to the pool area. Brandon and I each had fun browsing the vendors one at a time while the other watched the kids swimming.

^Rubbish can! Only in Australia.

The Regular Pool

But by regular, meaning a huge pool with a regular pool bottom. Oh, just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back right now! Brandon and I have  been talking ever since we left how we can create our own South Bank here in Utah. Any ideas?

Brisbane-23 Brisbane-24 Brisbane-25 Brisbane-26 Brisbane-27

BRISBANE, we loved you!

Brisbane-16 Brisbane-17 Brisbane-18 Brisbane-19 Brisbane-20
Brisbane-28 Brisbane-29 Brisbane-21 Brisbane-22
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