Australia Zoo, Part 2

March 1, 2017

See our first time at the Australia Zoo here.

We’re so glad we bought a 2-day pass to the amazing Australia Zoo. Although we saw many of the same animals and shows, our experience was still different from our first visit. We got to see more animals up close and personal. And Blake and Evelyn even pet snakes! Other highlights were the Croc show and feeding kangaroos again. We loved this zoo so much and the memories we created.

Australia Zoo-1 Australia Zoo-2 Australia Zoo-3 Australia Zoo-4 Australia Zoo-5 Australia Zoo-6 Australia Zoo-7 Australia Zoo-8 Australia Zoo-9 Australia Zoo-10 Australia Zoo-12 Australia Zoo-13 Australia Zoo-14 Australia Zoo-15



Crocodile Cages

The salt water crocs are housed behind the giant Crocoseum, where the crocodile shows took place. I’m currently working on a video of that which will give you a better idea of what it was like! The crocodiles were pretty magnificent to watch.

Australia Zoo-17 Australia Zoo-16

Back to Roo Heaven!

Blake and Evelyn practiced their kangaroo jumps before we went inside. Blake was still timid of the kangaroos, but Evelyn and Oliver got right up there to feed them again. I hope they’ll always remember this unique experience.

Australia Zoo-20 Australia Zoo-21 Australia Zoo-22 Australia Zoo-23 Australia Zoo-24 Australia Zoo-25 Australia Zoo-26 Australia Zoo-27

African Safari!

Australia Zoo-29 Australia Zoo-30 Australia Zoo-31 Australia Zoo-32

The Lemurs

It was so cool getting up close with the lemurs. They weren’t caged, so we got a pretty good look.

Australia Zoo-33 Australia Zoo-34 Australia Zoo-35 Australia Zoo-36 Australia Zoo-37 Australia Zoo-38 Australia Zoo-39

Petting Koalas Again!

This time, our children wore their koalo shirts!

Australia Zoo-40 Australia Zoo-41 Australia Zoo-42 Australia Zoo-43 Australia Zoo-44 Australia Zoo-45

We hope to see you again someday, Australia Zoo!


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