Meat Pies & Lollies

March 1, 2017

We celebrated Pi Day early this year when we were in Australia.

Australia is famous for meat pies, so after going to the Australia Zoo, we stopped by Beefy’s (the most popular restaurant for meat pies) and tried them out for ourselves. Meat pies are a flaky crust filled with meat and gravy, usually steak. I’m surprised I liked them as much as I did for not being a big meat eater, but they were really tasty!

Meat Pies and Lollies

Right next to Beefy’s was a “Lollie” shop. Candy in Australia is called lollies. How cute is that? So we let each of our children pick out one lollie and then we picked up a few others to bring back. As we were looking around, Oliver got his hands on a bag of gumballs. He threw the bag down and it burst open, causing gumballs to scatter across the floor. That’s what confetti in a candy store looked like. We got a good laugh, until we had to pay a measly $5 for those damaged gumballs. But we’re all about making memories, right?

Meat Pies and Lollies-2 Meat Pies and Lollies-3
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