Noosa, Australia, Round 2

March 6, 2017

As if we didn’t think our love for Noosa could get any better, Day 2 was equally (or more) dreamy than the first.

Thanks to some nice people in the Buderim ward, we did something we’ve never done before as soon as we got to Noosa: we rented a boat! I have to laugh because we are not boaters, but if I lived in Australia, I’d want to buy a pontoon boat and live on it.

Noosa River

We rented this cute pontoon boat that didn’t go super fast, but was still exhilarating nonetheless. We drove through the river channels spotting fancy houses galore. I even drove the boat! It was fun. We snacked on our favorite cheese crackers and fruit while the breeze blew through our hair. I couldn’t believe it was real life for that moment.

Sand Bar Island

And then we found our own sandbar island– meaning we were the only ones on it! The sand was the softest sand and the water stayed shallow for a while (see the photo of Brandon below walking out really far). This proved to be perfect for our little ones. The could play without giant waves crashing into them. And the water was super warm.

^Daddy duck and his ducklings. Doesn’t it look like that?

^Photo by Evelyn! Such a magical, fun day with my loves.

See our Noose Video Here. 

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