Sydney, Part 2

March 7, 2017

Continuing from Part 1, we then made our way to the Sydney Opera House. At first, I was kind of like, what’s the big deal? It’s just a building. But as we spent time just playing around on the stairs, people watching, and just being there, I began to see why it’s so famous. The Danish architect who designed it had 3 things in mind when he designed it: a seashell, wings of a bird, and a sail of a boat. I think he nailed it! Being up close and personal with this iconic landmark was really amazing. More than that, though, I’m glad we have memories attached to the building as well.
Sydney-30 Sydney-31 Sydney-32

^Real life moment: someone was tired and hungry. Sydney-33

^Oliver really learned to walk well on this trip. Sydney-34

Sydney-35 Sydney-37 Sydney-39 Sydney-40

By this time, the children were hungry. I had heard about a place called The Rocks that sounded cool, so we walked there. The Rocks is a historical district that has old buildings and brick streets that have been renovated into shops and restaurants. We found a creperie and enjoyed a casual lunch al fresco.

Sydney-45 Sydney-46 Sydney-47

Lesson learned

Taking the time to stop and eat does wonders for everyone’s moods! After we ate, everyone was refreshed and energized to tackle more of Sydney.

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