Geraldine Farmyard Holiday Park

March 11, 2017

After leaving Akaroa on Saturday, March 11th, we drove to the Geraldine Farmyard Holiday Park. Holiday parks are the big thing here in NZ since there are so many tourists traveling via motorhome. A holiday park is like an RV park in the States, although many of them here have cabins, communal kitchens, and more amenities it seems like.

We booked a very very tiny studio at this holiday park to stay in on Saturday night. There were so many farm animals and farm games to play, but due to the rain, we weren’t able do many of them. We made the best by spending time in the shabby game room until bedtime. I took Oliver back to our little cabin to put him to bed and repack and organize our stuff and shower while Brandon and Blake and Evelyn played some more.

Geraldine Farmyard Park Geraldine Farmyard Park

^It’s hard to believe that he was barely walking when we left on our trip and now he’s a pro!

Geraldine Farmyard Park Geraldine Farmyard Park Geraldine Farmyard Park Geraldine Farmyard Park

^Before we left for church on Sunday, we checked out the kitchen. Blake said, “Mom, take a picture of me and Evelyn pretending to be like a mom and dad.” Haha! We didn’t use this kitchen, but we were impressed with it anyway.

Sunday morning we packed up and drove to Timaru, about 30 minutes away to go to church.

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