Brandon’s Birthday– Photo With a NZ Cop

March 18, 2017

We left Te Anau on March 18th after the Glow Worm Cave Tour and playing at the park. And then it was back to Queenstown! The drive was about 2 hours long. We snacked on our favorite road trip snacks (Tim Tams, the Chewy Caramel kind version, Shapes (cheddar flavor), grapes, gummies, and sandwiches.

The children all fell asleep and Brandon and I were getting a bit tired ourselves. I suggested we play “Deep, but Not Profound” , Brandon’s all-time least favorite road trip game. But since he didn’t have a better idea (haha), we started playing to keep awake. We got laughing and playing when after going around a bend, we saw the flashing red lights. Urg.

2017-03-18 14.38.06

Because we were having so much fun (he’ll beg to differ), he had lost concentration on how fast he was going. I felt so bad that Brandon was getting pulled over, especially on his birthday! A year ago it would have crushed him, but he handled it so well. The officer was very kind. He still got a ticket, but thankfully once it translated to US dollars, it only ended up being about $50. And it won’t affect his record here.

We ended up talking to the officer for about 15 minutes. And of course, I had to snap a photo because when you’re in NZ, you get a birthday photo with a cop.

Lesson learned: if you’re going to get pulled over, do it in a foreign country.

We drove the rest of the way and checked into an apartment for the next 3 nights, the rest of our time on the South Island. We put Oliver down for a nap and relaxed a bit.

To celebrate his birthday, we walked to the downtown area and ate deep dish pizza. Or what was considered deep dish. That’s one thing that NZ and Australia didn’t do well was pizza. Brandon was so full he didn’t even want birthday dessert. But what a treat to find fall-colored leaves on his special day. It’s not every year he’ll get to see that on his birthday.


Turned 32 in Queenstown, NZ. And see that gondola? We took a ride a few days later to the tip top!

I’m so grateful for Brandon. And yes, I’m about to get mushy. This trip did amazing things for our relationship. We grew so close in many ways and took our love to a deeper level. He did a wonderful job balancing work and play and got up many mornings very early to catch meetings and work so he could spend time with us the rest of the day. He does a great job at providing for our family and keeping us laughing. I’m grateful for his loads of energy to play with our children. He’s very chill when it comes to celebrating birthdays, so this day was just about right for him. He didn’t even hate me for falling asleep while watching Batman that night.

His birthday present was a date on the Shotover Jet. We prefer experiences over things for birthdays, and it was a highlight for sure! I always love experiencing new things with this guy of mine.

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