Adventuring in Queenstown

March 20, 2017

Monday, March 20th we took the morning easy. As soon as Oliver woke up from a nap, we walked downtown to eat lunch at Fergburger. We had heard great reviews. It was tasty (and we loved that the beef was grass-fed NZ top quality), but to be honest, we loved Betty’s Burgers in Noosa better if we had to choose. After lunch, we rode took the Gondola up to the top of the mountain. It’s the steepest Gondola in the Southern hemisphere, which made the children just a tad bit nervous. But the views!

Queenstown-28 Queenstown-33 Queenstown-32

The Luge

At the top, we spent a few hours riding the Luge track. There were 2 tracks- a fast track and a “scenic” track. Since we had Blake and Evelyn riding with us, we always had to take the scenic track. But Brandon and I took a turn on the fast track and it was exhilarating. Oliver was too little to ride either of them, so Brandon and I would switch off riding with Blake and Evelyn.



Queenstown-26 Queenstown-27

These Chinese tourists were obsessed with our children and we were dying at their Mario costumes. Win-win photo for all.

Queenstown-30 Queenstown-31


2017-03-20 13.36.25 2017-03-20 14.34.52 2017-03-20 14.59.31 2017-03-20 15.01.58 2017-03-20 15.02.24

For dinner, we got Brandon some Mexican from Taco Medic and then we played on the Queenstown beach until sunset. I don’t remember what the rest of us ate, but we didn’t go hungry. And watched Sven the Street Performer, before heading to the grocery store to grab some ice cream and cones and airplane snacks.

Queenstown-41 Queenstown-40 Queenstown-39 Queenstown-38 Queenstown-37 Queenstown-36 Queenstown-35 Queenstown-34
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