Video | New Zealand Shotover Jet

March 21, 2017

Brandon had his 32nd birthday in New Zealand this year–Queenstown to be exact. I researched to find an adventure we could do, since it’s not every year you get to be in NZ for your big day. And the Shotover Jet was the winner.  Our hotel recommended a really great babysitting service. So we hired a sitter and went on a birthday date the morning we left Queenstown! It was heaven!! The children had so much fun with Katie, a 28-year old German at the hotel.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a crazy adventure on the Shotover River. This jet boat ride was definitely one of my favorite experiences. The canyon was absolutely stunning. The boat went super fast and was exhilarating getting so close to the canyon walls. Afterwards, we enjoyed our one and only meal we got to eat in peace. Brandon chose Mexican, since it’s his favorite. And he’s my favorite.

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