Spring at the Salt Lake Capitol

April 12, 2017

Don’t worry, all the Australia posts will be coming soon. But I’m on a roll with these posts so I’m keeping with the momentum.

A week after we were back, we were ready to venture out. We all had random sleep schedules for quite a while. The children would stay up until midnight and Brandon and I couldn’t fall asleep until about 3 am. To be honest, I loved that first week of being back. We kept life very simple…I gave us all permission to just survive that first week. We had no schedules, little obligations, and just tried to get used to being back in Utah. I’m wondering why I don’t give myself permission more often to live slower? 

Anyways, our neighbors the Harrisons invited us to go to the State Capitol for a picnic. I dressed us all in warm clothes because we weren’t quite used to the cold weather, but it actually ended up being a pretty warm day.

The cherry blossoms were lovely. Blake and Jason loved running wild and Blake and Evelyn were just too cute together. A bit of fresh air was so good for our souls.

Salt Lake Capitol-1 Salt Lake Capitol-2 Salt Lake Capitol-10 Salt Lake Capitol-3 Salt Lake Capitol-4 Salt Lake Capitol-5 Salt Lake Capitol-6 Salt Lake Capitol-7 Salt Lake Capitol-8 Salt Lake Capitol-9
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