Easter Thoughts

April 16, 2017

Easter 2017-1-2

Gosh, my heart is full. This Easter has been one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I love my family 1000x more (from spending 2 months together 24/7), or from simplifying our celebrations and focusing on Christ and saying NO. Saying no to over-the-top Easter baskets, saying no to spending hours and hours looking for East outfits (which I have done in years past), saying no to Easter egg hunts that attract hundreds of kids and result in fighting for a few eggs with terrible candy anyway.  (Lesson learned from last Easter. )

You better believe there were still coordinating outfits because that just makes me so happy, but I rounded up mostly things we had and got a new dress and skirt for Evelyn and I. And there was an Easter egg hunt with a few cousins and there was the traditional Easter feast.

But there was also a overwhelming love for the Savior and what HE did. Each morning this week we would talk about the events of that day during Christ’s life and it led to many great questions and short discussions with Blake and Evelyn. I could tell that they could feel the spirit and I felt it strongly teaching them. I remember one morning I had started cleaning the kitchen when the prompting came to stop and talk to them about Christ. And so I did. And my heart filled with love for them, and Jesus Christ, and I was brought to tears (which doesn’t happen often.) And then we listened to “Gethsemane”  over and over again. I heard them humming and singing that a few days later. Though young, I can tell they are developing their own love and testimony of the Savior. I make lots of mistakes as a mom, but I learned that taking time for their spiritual development is more important than trivial matters.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know He was resurrected on that beautiful Easter morn. I know that because He lives, I get to see my mom again after this life. And that I’ll get to be with my own family forever.

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