Oliver [at 18 months]

April 21, 2017

I took these photos of Oliver on Easter Sunday, just 10 days shy of him being 18 months old.

Easter 2017-21 Easter 2017-22 Easter 2017-55

Things to remember:

  • says mama, milk, cracker, dada, ny-ny (night night),
  • loves swinging and knocks on the glass door to go outside to swing
  • loves hanging out in the red car
  • will tell us ni-nite when he’s ready for bed
  • napping 1-2 times per day
  • doing well in nursery (even without dad!) and is quite the social kid
  • but, still a total mama’s boy. and still nursing. we’ll see if we can make it all 2 years!
  • eating much better!  (thanks to a Priesthood blessing.)
  • has our hearts (even with his wild screams lately and tantrums.)
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