Easter 2017

May 18, 2017

Ready for the longest post of the year? I’ve warned you! Here’s a photo dump of all of our Easter festivities.

Decorating Eggs with the Lovells

We sure love this family!

Easter 2017-1-3 Easter 2017-2 Easter 2017-3 Easter 2017-4

Annual Easter Egg Bath

Back by popular demand! This is the cleanest week of the year for my children!

Easter 2017-8 Easter 2017-9 Easter 2017-12

Finding Easter Baskets on Saturday

Easter 2017-13 Easter 2017-14 Easter 2017-16

Easter Sunday

Easter 2017-18 Easter 2017-19 Easter 2017-1

Easter Dinner

We ended up hosting Easter dinner with my family. Here’s our table spread!

Easter 2017-24 Easter 2017-32

^Helen, Evelyn, Clara, Emme= girls picture! The boys were too rowdy to pose.

Easter 2017-33 Easter 2017-46 Easter 2017-47Easter 2017-37 Easter 2017-45

^Our first time cooking a real ham, but we let my dad carve it. It was yummy!

Easter Egg Hunt

In true Grandma Marilyn fashion, we had a color-coded egg hunt!

Easter 2017-48 Easter 2017-49 Easter 2017-50 Easter 2017-52 Easter 2017-51
Easter 2017-53 Easter 2017-54
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