Blake’s Preschool Graduations

May 25, 2017

I can’t believe we have our first preschool graduate! Blake had 2 graduations because he participated in 2 preschools. That sounds like a lot, but really it was the perfect balance of learning and fun.

He loved going to Miss Michelle’s every Tuesday and Thursday morning for a few hours. They had outside play time, messy crafts, cooking projects, science experiments and daily helper jobs. Blake loved being the door and snack helper.

He also completed the Upstart program- an online preschool which we all loved! He would spend 20 minutes a day online and now he’s reading and doing simple math from it. Evelyn has even learned a ton from watching him do it. He was able to do it while we were in Australia and New Zealand. Combined with Miss Michelle’s, he’s ready for kindergarten!

Miss Michelle’s Graduation

Blake was so adorable decked out in his cap and tassle. He sang his little heart out and was so cute doing the actions to the songs. He wrote that he wants to be a storm trooper when he grows up. Haha. For some reason he’s obsessed with anything Star Wars.

Blake Preschool Graduation-1
Blake Preschool Graduation-2
Blake Preschool Graduation-3
Blake Preschool Graduation-4
Blake Preschool Graduation-5
Blake Preschool Graduation-6

Him and one of his best friends, Lucy Monson. I’d totally be okay if he married this girl.

Blake Preschool Graduation-7

^I think he was most excited about the lemonade and cookies. Quote, “mom, when you come to watch, you can’t take any pictures and we’re going to have pink lemonade.” I broke the rule. Oops.

Upstart Graduation

Since Upstart is for all of Utah, the graduation was held in a hotel in Salt Lake City. Blake told me after he was nervous walking out in front of everyone. I sure love my kindergarten-ready boy!

Blake -1

To celebrate (and as an excuse to eat at our favorite place), we walked to Bruge’s.  Blake got the “Monster” and the rest of us shared some frites and a wafel with peaches.

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    Way to go Blake!! He’s gonna rock Kindergarten!

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