May Little Things

May 30, 2017

Bike ride to Oliver and Evelyn while Blake was at preschool. This is a few miles from our house. Pretty!

2017-05-18 09.59.13

Preschool art is the cutest.

2017-05-18 12.02.59

Who needs a car battery when you’ve got the Eads children to help push it around?

2017-05-18 17.35.20

Our carseat expired. Bittersweet having all 3 kids use this one!

2017-05-25 11.16.49

Bedtime selfie!

2017-05-27 20.41.26

Came home on our Engagement anniversary to this fancy dinner set up in the backyard.

2017-05-27 21.16.02-2

Memorial Day hike with Grandpa Stan in Farmington.

2017-05-29 10.55.43 2017-05-29 11.06.38

I love going to the nursery in the Spring.

2017-05-30 12.10.18
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