Life At Home

June 4, 2017

A few fun moments lately from life at home…


The cutest package I’ve ever seen!

Oliver-1 Oliver-2

Making Mac N’ Cheese

Blake and Evelyn love making mac n’cheese. And if there wasn’t a hot stove, I would trust them completely to make it on their own. They’ve got the steps down! I pulled out camera one day to document their cuteness- licking their cheesy fingers (they always taste the cheese), taking turns stirring, and being so excited it’s Tuesday- mac n’ cheeese lunch day. Love them so much!

At Home-1 At Home-2 At Home-3

Brotherly Love

Blake and Oliver having a good time together in Blake’s “blue blanket.” What started out as a tiny hole in his blanket is now an entire side unstitched–providing the perfect cocoon/sleeping bag/whatever you want to call it.



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