San Diego Memories

June 4, 2017

Brandon and I just got home from a few days in San Diego. Yes, we just got back from Australia & NZ, and yes, we we just got back from St. George. But those were family trips and extended family reunions, and by golly we needed just a few days to ourselves. We’ve always tried to go at least one night somewhere each year (because our marriage deserves time away, too!), but with babies and other events, we haven’t been in a few years. And as much as we love traveling with our children, really, truly, love it a lot, we were looking forward to a few days of uninterrupted sleep and talk and relaxation.

Thanks to frequent flier miles, we only had to pay for hotel and food. I found a good deal on the Catamaran Resort & Spa. The place was nestled right on Mission Bay. Unfortunately, the weather was colder than home and the sun only shined its pretty little face for one afternoon (in which we crammed in beach and pool time!) Regardless, we were still grateful we got to go.

Some highlights:

  • Going on a tandem bike ride around Coronado Island
  • Shopping at Trader Joes together, without being in a hurry. We tried a bunch of new appetizers and snacks—so fun! We’re total foodies.
  • Getting upgraded to a suite with a kitchen and finding chocolate covered strawberries and wine upon arrival (all thanks to filling in the Special Request Box with “we are celebrating our 9th anniversary, so anything you can do to make it extra special would be appreciated.” when I reserved the room.) We sure hope the cleaning lady got to keep the unopened wine.
  • Attending a session in the San Diego temple. That temple is GORGEOUS. The Celestial room was 2 levels, with a grand staircase in the middle. Natural light flooded in from the spires, creating a beautiful, peaceful room.
  • Hiking through Torrey Pines and along the beach.
  • Eating Mexican in Old Town. I don’t love Mexican food, but the restaurant we ate at was super delish.
  • Touring the Mormon Battalion museum. Such a faith-promoting experience.
  • Eating in Little Italy- quattro formaggio on capellini with a spicy red sauce. yum.
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