Scenes of Summer 2017, Part 1

June 6, 2017

Summer scenes lately…

Goodbye Eads

Saying Good-bye to the Eads. Our 3 children match up with theirs almost perfectly. I’ve learned so much from Megan and am going to miss our photography, travel, life,  and motherhood chats in person.

20170518-_MG_5372 20170518-IMG_5365

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Occasionally, I do sponsored posts on So Festive and lately I was working on a Summer Sundae party campaign. I had everything set up when Mike and my dad called to drop by to show us Mike’s new car, so they got to join us for our shindig. We’re going to miss Michael once he moves to Texas to work for American Airlines. Here’s to hoping we can flying privileges to go visit him!

20170522-_MG_5923 20170522-_MG_5924 20170522-_MG_5926

^Blake has become quite the party lover and loves helping me set up for parties. He was thrilled to make his own Sundae with whatever toppings he wanted.

Blue Man Group, 2nd Generation

What sidewalk chalk and some creativity looks like for Blake and Evelyn.


Dining Al Fresco

We’ve been eating under the gazebo more often lately. One night, Blake set the table and insisted on writing everyone’s names on plates.  A boy after my heart. Love him!


Watermelon Lover

Oliver ate 4 pieces of watermelon on Memorial Day for dinner. He loves it so much. And I love watching his adorable fingers eat it.

20170529-_MG_6546 20170529-_MG_6548

Popsicle Break!

Blake is getting to be quite smart and will say clever things like, “Mom, it’s so hot out here. We better eat a popsicle.” Or after working in the garden, “Mom, I’m sweaty. A popsicle will help me cool off.” Okay, smarty pants. I give in because of his genius reasoning. And 3 photos because lately I’ve been having a hard time deciding which one I like better. So you get them all.

20170530-_MG_6551 20170530-_MG_6553 20170530-_MG_6560
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