Flag Day

June 14, 2017

This year I decided to bust out our 4th of July clothes and let the children wear them for Flag Day. They needed to get their wear out of them, right? Plus, there’s something about little kids all coordinated that makes me so giddy. I love these three with all my heart. They are in fun stages right now. Blake and Evelyn are the best friends one minute and enemies the next. Oliver tries to do everything they do and has taken on the “annoying little brother” role as of late. He is constantly wrecking their trains and hitting and pulling hair.

For dinner, we ate grilled cheese and watermelon out on the front lawn since if I remember right we were still in the middle of a remodel. I’ll have to share photos soon!

Flag Day-2 Flag Day-3 Flag Day-4 Flag Day-1 Flag Day-5 Flag Day-6 Flag Day-7
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