June Little Things

June 30, 2017

Summer art time! Also, swimsuits all day.

2017-06-05 14.49.09

Evelyn swinging at the Clarks while waiting for swim lessons.

2017-06-08 10.24.10 HDR

Swim lessons complete for these 2!

2017-06-09 11.06.15

Dead battery. Cute helpers.

2017-06-19 18.03.03 HDR

Girls night with Sharla going to hear Jody Moore speak. So grateful for this good friend of mine!

2017-06-24 21.07.31

We were all unintentionally matching.

2017-06-29 09.30.52

Evelyn and cousin Brooke Taylor.

2017-06-30 11.43.39 HDR
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