July 1, 2017

I’m thirty two. Hard to believe! I’m currently sitting on the living room couch while Blake, Evelyn, and Oliver push their carts and trucks through the kitchen and have races. We had grand plans for today– a baptism for our niece Kate and then we were going to venture up to the mountains and hike around while singing “the hills are alive.”

But Brandon and I both woke up in the middle of the night with the flu and we’ve been fighting it all day. So no baptism, and no jaunt up to Snowbird. Our adventures included resting on the couch simultaneously while my sweet neighbor Shalyce took our children for a few hours while we rested. Our one outing included returning some library books and picking some up for our 4th of July getaway. Even that took all the energy we had out of us.

Health is so easily taken for granted and it’s not until we’re sick that we appreciate it more. So while there were no birthday breakfasts or dinners or cake or outings, (which we will indeed make up!), the great gift I received today was feeling gratitude. Gratitude that we usually have energy and health to do the things we love and desire. Gratitude that I am able to take care of my children and gratitude for this great last year, filled with many adventures.

Here’s 32 great things about last year:

  1. Lived Abroad in Australia!
  2. Road-tripped through New Zealand
  3. Visited NYC in the fall with my sisters and Oliver
  4. Fed a kangaroo.
  5. Pet a koala.
  6. Photographed a birth story. Coolest thing ever.
  7. Attended HIIT classes at 6 am
  8. Read the book for book club!
  9. Went backpacking with my little family
  10. Dressed up like popcorn for Halloween
  11. Visited Middle Earth
  12. Read hundreds of books with my kids
  13. Visited San Diego with Brandon
  14. Painted our garage door to our mudroom a fun color
  15. Gave So Festive! a makeover.
  16. Did some fun work collaborations
  17. Hosted a Dinner en Blanc and Tacky Sock Party
  18. Wrote an Ecourse- 7 Days to a Simpler Season
  19. Saw glow worms in Te Anau
  20. Spent an afternoon on a deserted island
  21. Made 9 family videos
  22. Reconnected with old friends from my childhood
  23. Decluttered our toys and clothes
  24. Pushed swings for hours and hours
  25. Enjoyed late night treat dates with Brandon
  26. Started an Etsy shop and made 350 sales!
  27. Photographed 2 extended families and survived!
  28. Went 100 days with no sugar. Totally want to do this again!
  29. Harvested 32 sugar pumpkins in the fall
  30. Worked on Family History and took names to the Temple
  31. Wore lipstick  often
  32. Took thousands of photos.

I guess you could say at 32, I’m a lover of travel/adventure, photography, dressing up, throwing parties, making our house a home, learning new things, celebrating, and being a wife and mom. I’m excited to see what adventures are in store this year. Travel to Greece? Live in England? Master my bread-making skills? We’ll just have to see.

Here’s to 32!!



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  • Jana Weaver

    Bummer you were sick on your birthday, but hope you got better quick and were able to celebrate. I loved reading your list of 32 things from the past year! What a wonderful life and how wonderful to write it down so you can remember it when things are rough.

    July 5, 2017 at 11:00 am Reply
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