A Steamboat Springs 4th of July

July 13, 2017

We love Steamboat Springs 4th of July celebrations. It’s a small enough town that we don’t have to fight huge crowds, yet big enough to have a fun parade, block party, and firework show. Unfortunately, we found out that the fireworks were cancelled a few days prior due to a neighboring wild fire, but that didn’t stop us from having a dynamite day.

But first, I have to give a shout out to Brandon who made these balloons survive the trip. I’ve had them hanging in our dining room all month long. When I found out we were going to Steamboat, I thought they’d be fun to take along. I could not figure how to deflate them until the last possible minute before we took off. Brandon carefully packed them half-inflated and they survived the drive. He was nice enough to hang them up in our condo, just in case we forgot what holiday we were celebrating. It’s the little things, but in this case big balloons that made me smile every time we saw them hanging up.

Steamboat -4


Steamboat -34 Steamboat -35 Steamboat -37 Steamboat -39 Steamboat -41 Steamboat -42 DSC00793-001

^The dragon was back!

Burgess Creek Beach

After lunch at the condo and naps for Oliver and Bridger, we headed just up the road to the man made creek by the ski lifts. We had a little scare when we thought our Pilot was leaking oil. Thankfully, it wasn’t!

We stayed and swam for hours on that hot afternoon. It was a great way for all of us to cool off. And the backdrop couldn’t be beat.

Steamboat -46 Steamboat -48 Steamboat -44 Steamboat -45 DSC00837-001

Firework Festivities!

There was a giant parking lot next to our condo that we hauled over fireworks, the children’s bikes and my giant balloons (haha!) for some evening fun. But after all my balloons had been through, they were a bit deflated by the time we got around to snapping a family photo. However, this paralled how I have been feeling the last little while- deflated. So in many ways I’m glad this photo accurately represented life lately. Many reasons have contributed¬†to that feeling, and it has not been fun or easy to work through. But we’ll get through it. It will get better. It always does.

Steamboat -49 Steamboat -50

^So so happy they got to come along!

Steamboat -54

^Right before Miss E burned her finger.

Steamboat -56

^This shows just how much Blake has become brave over the past few years. And poor E, getting consoled by Brandon because of her burn.

Steamboat -60

Twinner Boys

Before we ever knew that we’d be celebrating the 4th together, Andrea and I bought these matching shirts for our boys at Walmart the last time she was out here. How fun to be able to get twinner pics of our cute boys!

Steamboat -62 Steamboat -64

And one last Patriotic pic at this flag wall in Craig on our way home.

Steamboat -67
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