Oliver, The Star of the Show

July 17, 2017

Oliver is the star of this blog post. He is in the craziest, cutest, messiest stage right now at 21 months that I want to capture everything he does. One minute he is pulling everything out from the cupboard or dumping entire bags of chips on the kitchen floor, and the next minute he is cuddling up on my shoulder sucking the back of his hand. (He’s done that since birth as his binki. It’s so cute.) He is exhausting and exciting. I sure love my Oliver boy.


^He loves reading books and playing with “choo choos”


^In the pool with his clothes on.


^That giggle.

Oliver-4 Oliver-5

^He is a master climber and can make the way up to the island. Luckily, he hasn’t fallen. Yet. He loves coloring, too.


^Oliver and Bridger Nelson not afraid to eat cookie after cookie.


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