“Frolicking” in the Lavender Fields

July 18, 2017

[July 18]

We were really saddened to hear about Emily’s FIL Gary Poll taking a quick turn for the worse with his cancer.  Because of his quick passing, their family came out in middle July and stayed until our King Camp ended in middle of August. The pros for us though was to have them around and adventure with. Emily is always up for adventures. I think I’m a go-getter until she’s around. She’s the energizer bunny. I wish I had half her energy.

One July day, we ventured down to Mona, UT to visit the Lavender Fields. Emily and her 3 littles, my Dad, Sarah, and Kristin and her clan all joined in. We were under the impression that we could frolick in the fields, but to our dismay, we were only allowed in one tiny one. It all worked out though because the day was very very hot, so I’m not sure how much more frolicking the children could have put up with.

There was a darling Western town they got to play in and we ended the outing with ice cream at the Red Barn. An exhausting but fun adventure!

Lavendar Fields
Lavendar Fields-2
Lavendar Fields-3
Lavendar Fields-4
Lavendar Fields-5
Lavendar Fields-6
Lavendar Fields-7
Lavendar Fields-8
Lavendar Fields-9
Lavendar Fields-10
Lavendar Fields-11
Lavendar Fields-12
Lavendar Fields-13
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