Blake’s Fishing Date with Grandpa Dave

August 9, 2017

[August 9, 2017]

I’m just getting around to cleaning off photos from my phone and came across these from Blake’s fishing date. Grandpa Dave gave Blake a date of his choice for Christmas this past year. When Hudson was in town this summer, the boys decided to cash in on their date together and go fishing. From what I hear, they had a great time and caught some fish. They liked the picnic and the “candy” they got. Haha. So Blake.

In fact, earlier this week as we were driving to Park City, Blake said, “Guys, this is the way we went to go fishing with Grandpa!” He’s a lucky boy to be getting to create these memories.

2017-08-09 13.16.26
2017-08-09 14.24.45
2017-08-09 14.25.13
2017-08-09 14.26.21
2017-08-09 14.27.25
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