Belated Birthday Adventure at Snowbird

August 19, 2017

[July 24]

4th time is the charm for my birthday activity. I was beginning to think we’d never make it to Snowbird. Case in point: Attempt #1: Brandon and I were both sick with the flu on my birthday. #2- The only time Brandon’s YM could come prepare his lesson was the night we had planned to go for the 2nd try. #3- Third night we planned on going Brandon got last minute tickets from his boss for Audi Club seats for the Real game. Em and Kyle were in town, so we bagged Snowbird and double-dated with them. We loved hanging out with them and getting the royal treatment at the game with comfy seats, a free buffet and half time snacks, and valet parking.

But after all that, our 4th attempt was successful indeed! And since it happened to be on July 24th (Pioneer Day), we were able to do our traditional “hard things” hike atop Hidden Peak with the most majestic views.

Our gondola ride was $20 for all 5 of us which took us to the very top, a first for all of us. But I’m thinking we may need to make it a tradition.

The wildflowers were in full bloom, which was an extra fun surprise! See, it always works out.

Snowbird Snowbird-2
Snowbird-3 Snowbird-4 Snowbird-5 Snowbird-6 Snowbird-7
Snowbird-9 Snowbird-8

Picnic at Albion Basin

After Snowbird, we drove just a few minutes up the road to Albion Basin for a picnic dinner. The entire mountainside was in bloom, so you better believe we parked our picnic blanket right in the middle of it and enjoyed our simple dinner with amazing scenery.

Snowbird-10 Snowbird-11 Snowbird-12 Snowbird-13 Snowbird-14 Snowbird-15 Snowbird-16




I love my family. I love nature and the mountains. But family + nature = my happy place with a full heart.

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