Milcreek Friends Reunion

August 26, 2017

6 years and counting…. that we’ve been friends with the Eves, Jones, and Harris families. We started out as a couples FHE group and then one-by-one each child was added to the mix. We try to meet up at least once every summer to catch up. This year, we met at Milcreek Canyon (one of our favorite places from our Salt Lake chapter) for tin foil dinners and smores. And lots of dirt. All of our kids were covered head to toe in dirt- a sign of a good night!

Milcreek 2017 Milcreek 2017-2


Milcreek 2017-3

Jeff- Jordan- Lenny-Brandon

Milcreek 2017-4


Milcreek 2017-5
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