We’ve got a kindergartner!

August 30, 2017

Blake started Spanish immersion kindergarten yesterday. He was up early and we were all dressed and out the door by 8:20 to walk him to school. Walking him to school reminded me of when my mom would walk us to school on the first day. I can’t believe that I’m in the mom spot now! And we’re so glad Dad was working from home so he could join us, too.

I could tell he was a bit nervous, but excited. When the first bell rang, he walked confidently to line up and said, “Mom, I’m okay. I can do it.” But of course I couldn’t just watch him from a distance. We walked up to him in line and that’s when the tears hit as I saw him standing there looking all grown up ready to face the world. They turned to wave goodbye and that was it. I felt like I was dropping my missionary off, but thankfully I got to see him 3 hours later instead of 2 years.

Blake First Day of Kindergarten 2017-3 Blake First Day of Kindergarten 2017-4

Thoughts from the first day: “It’s better than preschool.” “I get to go everyday?” “My favorite part is the sports.” “We can’t run in the computer room and we have to put sanitizer on our hands so we don’t get the computers dirty.” “Mochila is backpack.”

Blake First Day of Kindergarten 2017-2 Blake First Day of Kindergarten 2017
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