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September 24, 2017

Oh hello blog. I’ve missed you. We’re settling into more of a routine and I’m hoping to get back into this blogging on a more regular basis. It’s so therapeutic to dump thoughts here in this space and record family memories in the process.

T E N things:


^Never mind that Blake was hangry in this pic! He was happy as a clam until he hit his head and then there was no getting a smile back.

One:: Today was our ward’s primary program. I wrote most of it this year and was crossing my fingers it would turn out. And it did! The spirit was strong and the I felt so much love for the children whom I serve. I was especially proud of Blake. Last year, he got so nervous that he refused to say his part and only stayed in his seat with Brandon there next to him. This year was completely different. He memorized his part and sang the songs, which I often here him singing throughout the week. Evelyn was also adorable. She got a few words jumbled on her part, but I dare say that it was the cutest part of the program because of her sweet mess up.

Two:: Blake is loving school. He looks forward to sports day each Monday and loves Foodie Friday where they make a cute snack/treat with the letter of the week.

Three::  Evelyn is thriving at preschool and has become quite the social butterfly. Almost every day she gets a call from one of the 5 girls her age that live within a few houses from us. I’ve loved watching her develop her own friendships lately when for so long, she’s been Blake’s tag along.

Four:: Fall has been here a mere 2 days and it’s been super rainy and cold. I’m not ready for this cold weather. I really wish another jaunt down under was in our plans this winter! I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the cold and snow after having missed it last year. Australia is always going to have a chunk of my heart.



Five:: We finished the finishing touches on our garden finally! Meaning Brandon. Bless his soul. He laid this path twice after the first time we used a different stone that ended up costing way too much and didn’t look very good. So he returned the first stuff and he laid another path. (Meaning he loaded up heavy stones a few too many times to get it just right.) We’ve added a few more stones in between the garden plots and extra rocks on the right side, but this is the idea. It now looks complete and neat. My favorite thing has been going out each day and checking for new pumpkins and tomatoes to pick. Evelyn loves picking tomatoes too and will pick them on her own. She’s my little gardener.

Six:: My favorite thing lately has been going to workout classes. Our new city gym has $1 classes and I can’t get enough. I had been getting up at 5:30 to go to my regular gym for boot camp classes, but I love that I can take my kids to play during the day and meet friends while I get a good, hard, sweaty workout in with friends of my own. I’ve love high fitness and boot camp, but looking forward to trying Yoga and Barre soon!

Seven:: We’ve been so blessed with Brandon’s new work arrangement. I can’t remember if I mentioned that he started his own company after we got back from Australia. Thankfully we have a good set up with benefits and salary from his old job but the flexibility of him getting to develop his systems and take them to other companies. Sure there have been challenges, but the best blessing is getting to do this parenting thing as a team. There hasn’t been much “this is your job and this mine” lately. Sometimes he cooks and sometimes I do. I mow the lawn some weeks and he does the next. We pick up each other’s slack and I’ve felt much more love in our home for each other as we’ve tried to serve each other more.


Eight:: I’ve been taking my children on a field trip each Friday since Blake has early out. I’ve loved planning a surprise outing for them. We’ve been to the Airplane museum and Cabelas to look at fish. They are so easy to please. I love this time with them without distractions.

Nine:: I deep cleaned my fridge and stove this week and what a difference this has made! Who knew a shiny stove would motivate me to keep up on the other cleaning. (Which I’m still trying to figure out a balance since cleaning could be a full-time job. I LOVE to clean, but the problem is I love to do so many other things. So I’m always fighting myself on this.)

Ten:: I got to volunteer at Blake’s class this week and it made my heart happy. I loved watching him in his element and meet his cute little friends.  Can’t wait for more of that!

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