September Little Things

September 30, 2017

Evelyn exploring her new preschool at Miss Heidi’s.

2017-09-05 10.45.03

Sleeping Beauty



2017-09-13 14.41.31

Evelyn and Grace.

2017-09-15 18.57.06

Learned to make caramel apples! So fun!

2017-09-16 12.38.10

Had the missionaries over for dinner and it turns out one of the Elders is from the Nelson’s ward in Aliquippa, PA. Small world. He is such a good missionary.

2017-09-16 17.44.02

Harvesting pumpkins! And new rocks and stepping stones in the garden!

2017-09-20 15.03.08

Field trip Friday- rainy day calls for Cabelas.

2017-09-22 11.03.00
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