The Most Spectacular Display of Fall Color

September 30, 2017

[September 30, 2017]

Today was the first day of General Conference. We tried something different this year and it proved to be a good idea! (Besides our usual conference treat bags which the kids helped me make this year, of course!) Half way through the morning session we realized that we weren’t going to get much out of it with 3 rowdy children running around. So we loaded up into the Pilot and headed off on an adventure to the Alpine Loop. Our children do really well in the car, so we were able to not only actually listen to the talks, but get something out of them.

And just as the first session was ending, we pulled into the Alpine Loop, which was showing off the most vibrant colors of leaves we’ve ever seen. The yellows, oranges, salmons, reds juxtaposed with the pine and green aspens was a sight that made my heart leap with joy. That sounds cheesy, but really, I could not tell you how much happiness this outing created, especially with my family in tow.

Alpine Loop 2017 Alpine Loop 2017-2 Alpine Loop 2017-3

We stopped a few times during the drive to behold the grandeur and almost when were to Cascade Springs (our destination) my Blake (a boy after my own heart) said, “Mom, we’ve got to stop. There is something really beautiful that we need to see right now.” So pulled over we did and he was right. Him and I took a short little jaunt to the top of the hill and beheld an entire valley full of fall colors.

Alpine Loop 2017-5
Alpine Loop 2017-4 Alpine Loop 2017-6

The beauty was too surreal that we made the whole family get out and come see….

Alpine Loop 2017-7


Alpine Loop 2017-9 Alpine Loop 2017-10 Alpine Loop 2017-11 Alpine Loop 2017-14
Alpine Loop 2017-13 Alpine Loop 2017-18 Alpine Loop 2017-19 Alpine Loop 2017-8

Cascade Springs

After our snap happy time, we continued on to Cascade Springs.¬†There’s a short and sweet trail that took us to the springs, which was polka-dotted with more colors.

Alpine Loop 2017-20

^These two crack me up. They are always touching like a couple. Ha!

Alpine Loop 2017-21

^Blake deemed this “lake” as his favorite.

We took the trail around the upper falls and then on down to the lower. It was so beautiful. Have I said that yet?

Alpine Loop 2017-22 Alpine Loop 2017-23 Alpine Loop 2017-24 Alpine Loop 2017-26 Alpine Loop 2017-27

Then it was back to the car to listen to the afternoon session on our drive home. The children were so quiet (probably from being tired) that again, we got so much out of the talks. What a perfect way to welcome October!!

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  • Jana Weaver

    Looks so amazingly beautiful! What a wonderful idea to go for a drive during conference….I should have done that too. Good thing there’s always a next time.

    October 3, 2017 at 11:52 am Reply
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