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October 2, 2017

Front Yard Picnic

The first few days of Fall were incredibly cold and rainy, so when we had a warm sunny day, we took advantage. We picked Blake up from school and had a picnic in the front yard. Our picnic consisted of goldfish, PB crackers, grapes, and carrots, but they were over the moon about it. I need to do this more often. Sometimes I distracted while the kids are eating I don’t always sit down to eat with them. But we all had so much fun talking about our mornings and laughing and playing. Being a mom is hard, but there’s really nothing I’d rather do with my life right now.

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Speaking of life, yes, this photo is blurry and out of focus, and sometimes I feel like that! Days are a blur sometimes, but life is good. Oh so good.

Blake’s Running Club

Blake joined an after school running club. They meet one day a week and run around a “track”. After they reach mile milestones, they earn prizes.  My running-loving heart almost burst watching him run so cutely around the track. He’d run then walk, run then walk.  He’s a sprinter at heart, but I’ll teach him long distance is the way to go. 😉 He’s got a huge admirer Claire who could not stay away from him! Oliver and Evelyn had fun playing on the playground while he ran. He was disappointed to not earn any prizes that day, so we went on a jog together later in the week to catch him up on some miles since he started a few weeks late. He’s greatly motivated by candy and drinks, but hopefully he’ll develop a far greater love for running than for the sugar. One can hope….

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Cute Evelyn

Evelyn came out of preschool with a Johnny Appleseed hat, which she was so excited to tell me was a boy who loved apples and nothing else. Ha! She was so proud of her work and I love seeing her loving it so much.

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