Park City Fall Outing

October 12, 2017

[October 12th]I know I’ve said this before, but I’m determined to be better at keeping this old blog updated. It’s a Sunday night and after we cleaned up dinner, the children pulled out our blog books and read them cover to cover. Sometimes I think that the words and millions of pictures I post won’t mean that much, but to see them love them tonight motivated me to keep going. I’ve been a slacker lately and have lots to catch up on, so here we go!

Blake had a Fall break back in October with a few days off. Brandon had the idea to escape to Park City for a night. He booked the hotel and helped with the packing. We picked Brandon up for work one afternoon and headed to the mountains.

First stop, McPolin Barn!

Emily and I have an official tradition to take Fall photos at the McPolin Barn in Park City, (2016 photo here)but since she wasn’t able to come out this year, Brandon got to come instead! I packed up a picnic, we got on our plaid,and stopped at the barn for dinner and a little photo shoot. My tripod broke half way through, but thanks to a photographer who was doing pictures up there, she offered to take a few of us. It made my night.

Park City 2017
Park City 2017-2
Park City 2017-3
Park City 2017-4
Park City 2017-5
Park City 2017-6
Park City 2017-7
Park City 2017-8
Park City 2017-9
Park City 2017-10
Park City 2017-11
Park City 2017-12
Park City 2017-14
Park City 2017-15
Park City 2017-13
Park City 2017-17
Park City 2017-20
Park City 2017-21
Park City 2017-22

Movie Night

The perks of going to Park City on the off season is scoring a great deal on hotel! We found a 2 bedroom condo to stay in. We loved cuddling up on the sofa bed watching a show while eating treats and snacks Dad picked out.

Morning in Park City

We hit up the pool after breakfast but it was a bit too cold for all of us to last too long. We got ready for the day and then hit up Main Street for stroll. We found The Little Donut Shop, which we had to try. So many fun gourmet toppings to try.

Park City 2017-23
Park City 2017-24
Park City 2017-25
Park City 2017-26
Park City 2017-27
Park City 2017-28
Park City 2017-29
Park City 2017-30

Then it was back to work for Dad for the rest of the day while we drove on home. Going was such a fun treat! Thankful to Brandon for having the idea and my children for all the fun memories.

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