Little Miss E Turns 4

October 15, 2017

For months leading up to Evelyn’s birthday, she told me she wanted a princess party and that boys were not allowed. We don’t do friend parties every year and so I wasn’t even sure if we were going to do one. Since her birthday fell on a Sunday though, I thought a small birthday play-date would be a fun way for her to celebrate a few days early.

Princess Party

We kept her princess party simple. I’m all about simple, especially when I knew little 4 year olds wouldn’t care about a fancy shmancy shindig. I did find a few cheap and easy touches to make it magical for them and magical it was.

We set up streamers, balloons, played pin the crown on the princess, played musical chairs (with princess paper), painted nails sparkly and had a tea party with pink lemonade, cookies, and cupcakes. We even taught them to keep their pinkies up and Evelyn and her friends have mentioned it days later! She changed her mind and let Blake come, too which he was over the moon about.

The highlight for these sweet girls was a surprise visit from princess Sarah. Sarah gets best aunt award for dressing head to toe in princess attire. The girls were mesmerized from the get-go. I haven’t really wanted to push the princess culture onto Evelyn and she’s only seen a few Disney shows.  Princesses are not just pretty, but are brave, kind and strong. So I asked Sarah to tell the girls a story about being brave. She had them captured for a long time and gave them “brave” bracelets to help them remember when things are hard, to be brave. She was adorable.

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October 8th- The Real Deal

Evelyn was excited to get sung Happy Birthday at primary and was the spotlight, too. That made her day. She requested egg toast for lunch and mac n’cheese for dinner. So fancy! Ha ha. We usually like to keep birthdays a family day, but uncle Michael was in town for the weekend and Sunday was the only day the kids could see him. So, we had my family and Grandma and Grandpa Sunday over for dessert. She requested a princess cake. Considering I’m no cake maker, she was thrilled with it.

Her presents from us included 2 new princess dresses and some Water wow books. She is loving her princess magnet dolls from Grandma and Grandpa and had so much fun spelling words and eating her letter cookies from the Murrays.

Evelyn's 4th birthday-20 Evelyn's 4th birthday-21 Evelyn's 4th birthday-22 Evelyn's 4th birthday-23


Evelyn's 4th birthday-24

Evelyn, we are so happy you are part of our family. Your name means “Life” and there couldn’t be a better word to describe you. You find so much joy in the little things. You make our home lively and fun. You love to prance around the house singing and dancing and twirling. You love pink and anything sparkly, but can still hold your own in a wrestling match against your brothers and love playing in the mud. You are such a good helper and love to vaccuum and clean with me. Nearly 100x a day, you’ll yell out, “Mom!” and I’ll say, “Yes?”  And then you’ll say, ” I Love you.” You are a sweet, tender girl and we love you so much!!

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  • Andrea

    Everything turned out DARLING! Especially that beautiful birthday girl of yours! She totally has my heart. And I love how cute Blake wanted to be there so much and played right along with all the princess stuff with the girls. Your kids are the cutest!

    October 16, 2017 at 6:56 am Reply
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