We Went on a Witch Hunt…

October 16, 2017

Friday the 13th was the perfect day for a witch hunt, wouldn’t you say? After Oliver napped, we drove to the airport to pick up Sarah and then headed to Gardner Village for a witch hunt. We weren’t the only ones with that same idea. The place was packed and  I’m usually partial to places with few crowds that my kids can roam freely, but we managed to find the witches and loved walking through Salem…. I mean Gardner Village. The entire village was adorned with witch decor for the Witches Night Out that night (hence the crowds) but when the “Come Little Children” from Hocus Pocus came on, Sarah and I couldn’t help but feel like we were in Salem back in the day of the witches. Many were actually dressed as witches too so it was very festive outing!

Gardner Village 2017

This Fall has been glorious, so much so that my desire for a trip back East has almost, almost been satisfied. No, but really. Utah is beautiful right now and walking on cobblestones through this covered bridge was just one of those simple moments that made me really, really happy.

Gardner Village 2017-2 Gardner Village 2017-7 Gardner Village 2017-3 Gardner Village 2017-4

^Evelyn, “Mom, will you please take a picture of me?” Of course, I will!

Gardner Village 2017-6
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