10th Annual Spudnut Social

October 30, 2017

[October 30] Can’t believe it’s  been 10 years since Brandon and I have been making spudnuts at Halloween. My grandmother Helen Teresa Reynolds Allen (my  mom’s mom) made spudnuts for her children at Halloween time. My mom did the same thing for us and now here we are, 3rd and 4th generation spudnut makers!

We cranked out 320 spudnuts this year–which is an all-day event. Thankfully Brandon was working from home so he could pop in the kitchen when I needed some help needing or rolling out. He is the champion spudnut maker in our home. If he weren’t on board with this tradition, there is no way I would keep it up myself. But, we love making them together and opening our home to friends and family.

It’s tricky knowing how many to make each year. Most years we run out, but this year we had about 60 left over! And that was with over 90 people showing up. We gave plates to people to take home and snacked on them for a few days. Good thing they are just as delicious left over.

I’m thankful for family traditions that bind generations. And for delicious spudnuts. And that it’s only once a year. Ha!

Spudnut Party 2017
Spudnut Party 2017-2
Spudnut Party 2017-3
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