A Very Merry Halloween

November 2, 2017

We had a very Merry Halloween this year! You know my love for family costumes and so far, we’ve pulled it off each year. As our children get older, however, I want them to be able to be what they want to be, but with a little direction they were happy to wear Christmas-themed costumes.

We had a week before our friend’s Halloween party to throw costumes together. We headed over to Savers, a local thrift store for some inspiration. I found Oliver’s Reindeer costume for $2 and the rest was history. I remembered I had Evelyn’s elf dress from an H&M clearance rack from last Christmas, so all we had left was a Santa costume for Blake, which I scored for $8 off Amazon. Brandon’s Grinch costume was the easiest thing, since he already had the shirt and I found my cheesy PJs at Savers as well.

I love doing Halloween costumes, but I HATE spending a lot of money on them. Most of the fun comes from the challenge of being creative and doing them cheaply. I’d say I succeeded again!

And now, here we are!

Blake the Santa

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017-2

Oliver the Reindeer

Halloween 2017-3 Halloween 2017-4

Evelyn the Elf

Halloween 2017-5

Mel the Who

Halloween 2017-8

And Brandon the Grinch

Halloween 2017-9

A Very Merry Halloween indeed!

Halloween 2017-10

Halloween Festivities

We were still on sugar-overload from our Spudnut party the night before that I opted to serve a healthier breakfast of Vampire bagels, ghost bananas and milk with Skeleton straws-thanks to Em!

Our neighbors hosted a Halloween potluck before trick-or-treating which was so much fun! Then it was off to trick or treat. Oliver didn’t last very long, so Brandon brought him home and I stayed out with Blake and Evelyn who kept begging for “one more house”. I didn’t mind. We all had lots of fun.

Halloween 2017-6
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