October Little Things

November 10, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done a little things post. And sometimes those are my favorite to look back and read. Because between all the grand outings and milestones and holidays and parties are the simple life moments that bring lots of joy.

Here are a few of them lately:

1 || Exercise!

I have fallen in love with exercise all over again lately. I’ve always known I “should” do it, but lately it’s want I want to do! And I love that feeling. Brandon gave me a fitbit for Mother’s Day/my birthday (unsolicited) and at first, I wasn’t sure I would like or use it. But it’s been fun to see how active I am throughout the day and it inspires me to have more movement, even outside of exercise. I have loved going to High Fit and boot camp lately, but I’ve also come to love trail running. I haven’t been since I was in high school, but a few gals in my ward have brought me out of my hiatus. We’ve only gone 2x, but each time was over 7 miles and it felt so good to do something hard! I’ve really started to crave my long Saturday runs.

On our latest run, we found the earth had sprinkled confetti just for us and we got to run through a gorgeous leaf tunnel! I just have phone pics so they don’t do justice, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Sure love these running friends!

2017-10-14 07.43.00 2017-10-14 07.43.49

2 || Food Storage

I’ve felt prompted lately to get our food storage and 72 hour kits updated. We went through them all for FHE one night and the kids were so excited to get their “emergency bags” ready. Since then, we’ve been collecting the last items when we find them on sale or clearance. And then one night we went to good old Bowmans for the case lot sale. We haven’t stocked up since before we left for Australia so we were well over due. Check out the length of this receipt. And that cute little princess who helped us out!

2017-10-09 19.12.51

3 || My Counter Crew is 3!

These 3 are always begging to sit on the counter and help me cook whatever I’m making. It completely stresses me out and the messes are bigger, but I’m hoping they are learning to cook, so it will be worth it, right?

2017-10-16 12.16.03-2

4 || Book Buddies with Grandpa Dave

For Christmas this last year, all my siblings with kids gave my dad weekly book dates with the grandkids. Since we are close, we did ours this month in person.

2017-09-28 17.14.06 HDR

5|| Blake’s Fort


Blake has been really into making forts lately. I love seeing his creativity as he creates and builds. One day, he had built this fort and wrote a note that said, “Dont git mi frt.” He wrote and sounded it all by himself. I think it was so cute I had to take a picture. He has good reasons to be worried. Oliver loves wrecking their forts.

Fall Bucket List

We made this bucket list at the beginning of October. Blake and Evelyn thought it was so fun and loved checking things off.

2017-09-22 16.57.36-2



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