Oliver Lately

November 21, 2017

At 25 months, he’s our only baby to fall asleep outside of his bed. I’ve found him a few times like this! And I sure love our one on one time. I’m usually trying to run errands or get things done, but I love when I take the time to watch him draw or play. He is so cute right now.

Oliver 25 months Oliver 25 months-2 Oliver 25 months-3

Oh, and let’s not forget how he has mastered climbing out of his crib. We would put him down for bed and often find him like this: chilling in the chair, with ripped bookes and toys strewn about. But, we’re making progress and he doesn’t climb out anymore. So he will stay in a crib as long as we can keep him.

Oliver 25 months-4
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