The Living Room is Complete!! Before and Afters!

November 21, 2017

After returning from Australia, we decided it was time to replace the carpet in the living room off the kitchen. But after spending time abroad, and being in different apartments with wood floor, we decided to extend the wood floor we have in the kitchen into the room to make it feel connected. Plus, we love our wood floor so much and how easy it is to keep clean. The living room is such a high traffic area that we figured even if we put new carpet in, it would just get trashed soon anyway.

I scheduled a wood floor install, but as we waited a few weeks for them to come, we got the ‘brilliant’ idea to remove the arch wall between the kitchen and living room. We had toyed around with the idea before, but it was now or never because once the wood floor was put in, we wouln’t be able to remove the wall without big holes in the wood floor.

So let’s recap what this room looked like on move-in day:


We quickly repainted and added a mantle.


The Middle Before

We since got a bigger sectional, but it never quite fit the room right. The arch wall, and ceiling needing to be repaired from last’s Fall’s water damage after Brandon put in a laundry sink.

2017-05-08 16.26.31

May Progress

So in May, we removed the wall. Brandon brought down a hammer and the rest is history. We all took turns making holes in the wall which was pretty fun. Then Brandon got the big stuff removed in time for a carpenter in our ward to come and do some electrical work while we were in St. George with the Sundays.
2017-05-09 17.35.41

2017-05-10 11.05.26 2017-05-21 21.51.41

Thanks to my cousin Jen for her design help, we decided to get rid of the tall bookshelf we had all of our DVD players, etc on and go with a shorter console. We placed the cords in the opening from the wall we removed to go to the left side of the room. It’s hard making all the decisions at once!

2017-05-22 09.33.21

The installers did such a good job matching up the seem perfectly! So glad we had them do it!  And the future spot of the new TV console.
2017-05-22 12.57.27

June Progress

After the wood floor was installed, we could repair the walls, ceiling and find furniture. I ordered these couches from Target but they weren’t very comfortable (as we found out when we were sick on my birthday and laying on them wasn’t that comforting!). I was able to sell them for what I paid soon after and then the hunt was on for something else.

We also got new tile around the mantle and the mantle installed again.

2017-06-09 23.48.12

But we were already loving how open the room was beginning to feel!

2017-06-09 23.49.01

September Progress

Then the craziness of summer hit and we didn’t get much done except find a sectional we love from RC Willey that fits much better and is SO comfy! I also found an end table on a huge clearance at At Home. And a new white area rug that is also super soft!! The right TV console came after Wayfair sending the wrong the first time which I set up all by myself. Proud moment.
2017-09-13 12.25.21

November- ALL DONE!

And now months later from starting, I’m so happy this project is DONE. And I could not love it more. I have a few photos to add in frames, but we found the perfect chairs at Home Goods this past week which complete the room so well. I added a wall collage above the TV console and now it just feels so complete. I love, love, love it!

And even after months of having a white rug, it has stayed so nice! It’s a little darker due to dirt, but we’ve kept it stain free. The kids know not to eat or wear shoes on it. It’s as soft as a bed so we are happy our clearance rug is working out.

Living Room Update 2017-2 Living Room Update 2017-4 Living Room Update 2017-8

I love that all the electronics and chords are hidden that white console! And now the blog books are within reach so the kids can look at them any time. Which they pull them out almost every day! Also, do you spot my morning buddy at the table?

Living Room Update 2017-5

^So happy with these chairs! And they recline so more room for guests!

Living Room Update 2017-6

I could not love the white tile more. Having new tile around the fireplace makes such a difference! Living Room Update 2017-7


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