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Cooking up some Family History

December 10, 2017
best-english-toffee-recipe-easy (1)

Tonight, for 2nd advent, we made a big batch of my mom’s famous English Toffee.

I could usually pass on this treat because this pregnancy has not had me craving sugar like the other ones. But….I felt a desire to create a family history moment with my children and make this treat in honor of my mom.

Making English Toffee brought back so many memories for me..

I remember vividly watching my mom as a young girl stir the heavy mixture in a large pot on the stove until the toffee mixture reached the ideal temperature.

After it cooked, she would pour the super hot, sweet-smelling hot toffee mixture onto an extra large cookie sheet. My favorite part was watching her spread the chocolate chips onto the hot toffee. At first, I wouldn’t think they would melt. But after smoothing them for a few minutes, there would be a nice chocolately layer right on top of that toffee. And then I would get to help sprinkle the finely chopped walnuts over the top. But only on half because some of my siblings did not like nuts.

She would then carry the big cookie sheet out to the deck and leave it there to cool. You can cool the English Toffee in the kitchen, but that takes way too long! We were impatient and letting it cool out on the picnic table in freezing temperatures of Kaysville, Utah meant that we got to taste it much quicker.

Once it was all cool, she hit the English toffee with the back of a knife until we ended up with big chunks of that goodness. We’d sample it until we couldn’t eat any more and then we’d save the rest in a cute ceramic ornament jar we always had  on the kitchen counter during Christmas.

She’d make multiple batches of English Toffee throughout the Christmas season, because with a family of 9 and offering it to visitors when they came over, one batch never lasted very long.

And so tonight…

I recreated this memory with my own family. It brought me a lot of joy, especially as I let each Blake, Evelyn, and Oliver take turns sprinkling a handful of chocolate chips onto the hot toffee before I smoothed it out.

We sampled it after we had our Advent lesson on Christmas service and then I packaged some up for gifts for my mom group friends and put the rest in a ceramic jar that I found at Target a few weeks ago.

To a toffee-filled Christmas season!

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