A Visit to Santa Claus

December 11, 2017

I love our Farmington Santa. Truth be told, I never liked visiting Santa as a child, so I let our children decide if they wanted to go. They’ve had pleasant memories (overall) with our Farmington Santa and since the experience is really quite fun, they were eager to go again this year.

Per the usual, there was a photo booth, coloring, sugar cookies, and hot cocoa to keep us busy while we waited for our turn. Caleb Padilla, Blake’s friend from our old ward was also there waiting, so they had some photo booth fun.

I love this Santa for so many reasons. When it’s our family’s turn, he calls the children in by name. He pulls out his leather notebook and spends one-on-one time with each of them. I enjoy seeing how much they change over the years. This was the first year Blake wasn’t nervous and we had no tears from Evelyn or Oliver.

Blake – Age 5 3/4: asked for toys, candy and a spiderman costume or surprises

Evelyn- Age 4- asked for a princess hat and candy

Oliver-age 2- the easiest to please since he didn’t ask for anything! Ha! He was too shy to say a word. 

They will send us a free professional photo in the mail soon, but the photographer in me couldn’t resist snapping these of our own.

We love you, Farmington Santa

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