A Merry New York Christmas, Part 1

December 21, 2017

Evelyn and I got to take a very, very memorable trip to NYC earlier this month to visit the Polls in the heart of Manhattan. I’ve always thought it would be fun to go to NYC at Christmas, and the stars aligned to go this year! Knowing I’d have a new baby next year and who knows how long they’ll live there, and thanks to some cheap deals on flights, it just worked out to go at the last minute.  And of course, huge thanks to an awesome husband who encouraged us girls to go while he held down the fort at home. And working from home with busy Oliver running around is no easy task.

And I couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad Evelyn came along too for some quality time together. She’s a traveler through and through. She was so chipper on our all-night flight and loved the sights and sounds and excitement of the city. In fact, she only slept one hour going there because she was so excited to watch the movie on the airplane. (Even without headphones!)

Day 1

Our flight arrived at 6 am. We caught an Uber to their apartment on 110th Street and crashed a few hours before church. Emily welcomed us with chocolate advent calendars, Christmas pjs and an amazing breakfast of french toast after we woke up.

We took a taxi to church (which is in the same building as the Manhattan LDS Temple). The chapel was decorated with garland and wreaths from the previous’ night fireside. Only in New York would they leave up all season long. The organist was amazing and hearing him play hymns brought me to tears.

Char and Hudson were so cute and fought over Evelyn going to nursery and primary with them. So she split up her time and went one hour to nursery and the other primary.


^Uncle Kyle gets cool points for keeping the children entertained as we waited for the subway to take home.

^Mrs. Martha Stewart herself. She made a gourmet Sunday dinner for us while we napped. We were tired!

Park Avenue Carol Share

It was first Advent Sunday, which also happened to be the Brick Presbyterian church’s Carol Sing and Tree Lighting. This event was so spiritual and festive all at the same time. Thousands of people were gathered in a blocked-off street to sing Christmas hymns as the organ played from the sidewalk. Half way through, they lit the pine trees that spanned Park Avenue and then we continued to sing the rest of the carols. It was amazing.

Evelyn insisted we pose folding our arms for this next one. So we did.

^This was just one of the trees they lit up along the road. And how festive is this porch right across the street from the church?

After we tucked the kids in bed, Em and stayed up eating chips and pineapple dip, chocolate, and talking the night away. We don’t get uninterrupted girl talk very much, so it was a huge treat!

Day 2

We took the morning slow. First stop was Shake Shack for lunch! I loved the festive bags! There were amazingly no lines, so the H, E, and C got window seats while Em and I enjoyed our own table. I loved getting to visit with her uninterrupted and just be together. The 3 of them were so cute and I almost saw a flash-forward of when the 3 of them are college students and they are all hanging out in NYC, catching up on life over Shake Shack.

Giant Decorations

Next stop: the giant ornaments and lightbulbs near Radio City. New York City goes big!

The Rockefeller Tree

And then the famous Rockefeller Tree from Home Alone. It’s more amazing in person. I loved all the angels and trumpets lining the walks up to it.

^I love this girl of mine so much.


^Do you see what I see?

New York Public Library

This was a gorgeous tree and so stately against the marble columns.

Transit Museum

This was such a fun place. Charlotte had fallen asleep in the stroller, but Hudson and Evelyn watched for nearly a half hour. The city of trains display was so cute and festive. I even loved watching it, too!

Dance Class!

We grabbed some Jamba Juice and then headed to Char’s dance class. Char had dance that night, but her sweet teacher let Evelyn come along, too. Evelyn is still talking about the twirls and moves she did at ‘dance class with Char.’ I loved having an hour to sit down after all of our walking!

Dinner at Serafina

As we were en route to go ice skating, we were deciding where to eat when I saw a Serafina restaurant! For memories sake, we ate there. The only sad thing was that Brandon wasn’t there with us. That is the restaurant we ate at right after he proposed in Central Park, so it brought a flood of memories.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park

And then our last stop for the night– ice skating in Bryant Park with the entire Poll clan! Kyle hauled the ice skates down for us to use. It was magical! Skating with the giant tree and Christmas music blasting through the park was unforgettable. And then those Churros con Chocolate. Amazing.

And a very real life depiction of us trying to get a photo by the tree.

We made it home around 11 pm. It felt so good to sleep after a long day in the city.

More to come….

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