Christmas 2017

December 25, 2017

Blake woke up first, so excited! We made him stay in our room until Evelyn and Oliver woke up. We lined them up on the stairs and then had them run in one-by-one.

Oliver loved his wooden car transporter he got. And Evelyn got the princess hat she wanted.

Blake loved his spiderman costume and was thrilled to see a sled for the snow.

What I loved about Christmas morning is the excitement and joy in the air.

I was surprised to see a coupon for some house cleaning on the tree!  I was feeling really guilty about this, and then finally stopped because 1. it was a gift and I should be a good recipient and 2. with 4 kids 6 and under come April, I’m going to need a little help to keep up on things for a little while. So I’m just going to enjoy it and not feel guilty.

Probably my all-time favorite moment was this scene:

Evelyn with her hat on, working so carefully on her play dough creations, Oliver playing with his transporter, and Dad and Blake playing Uno while I finished up breakfast. It was just our little family, everyone content and happy, with no where to go, but just BE-ing.

SURPRISE! We went upstairs to work on Sarah’s castle when we found one last surprise from Santa: an indoor trampoline!! The children have loved this and it’s been a fun way to get out some extra energy when we’re stuck inside.

The Castle– also a hit!

Grandma and Grandpa Sunday came for a visit and brought some gifts. Evelyn got a princess doll.

Oliver got a Book of Mormon quiet book.

And Blake got a car puzzle and piggy bank.

We enjoyed a calm afternoon of naps and then went over to the Sundays for an early dinner.

^The entire Sunday family on Christmas afternoon in Centerville

Then we stopped by my dad’s to exchange gifts and play a few games. A very Merry Christmas indeed!

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