The Good and Bad of Sleeping by the Tree!

December 28, 2017

It’s tradition to sleep out by the Christmas Tree on December 23rd, but since we had church early on December 24th, we opted for Friday night! But before you think it was the most magical night ever, let’s be real and share the best and worst:


  • Matching family PJs! I have ALWAYS wanted matching pjs, but Brandon for one, doesn’t even like pajamas and to get matching ones would be a waste of money. Well, this year, I mentioned to Brandon that there were some fun Star Wars ones and without a second to think he said he would wear them! St. Nicholas must have overheard because we found matching ones in our shoes. It was so fun being all matching.
  • Setting up our air mattress with the lights of the tree, eating popcorn and oranges and candy for dinner and being all together.


  • The children didn’t even want to watch a Christmas movie, so we watched Tangled. Haha! There was contention leading up to this decision that we almost sent everyone to bed!
  • Once it was bed time, I laid down with Blake and Evelyn on the mattress, but we were on the short side so it was super uncomfortable! Within a few hours of sleeping, Evelyn was up in her bed and I joined her.
  • Blake woke up at 3 am sad and scared that we all left him! He got in our bed and the rest of the night was not a great night’s sleep.

So, that’s how it goes. Some family traditions are worth keeping, they just may not be perfect. And that’s ok!


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