Our First BYU Game as Family!

December 29, 2017

[December 23]

So I’ll be the first to admit. Going to a BYU Basketball game on December 23rd seemed like the least festive thing to do! I wasn’t too keen on the idea and was maybe a little grumpy about it at the get-go. But, call it a tender mercy or a piece of humble pie, but I came across a post from “BrookeRomneyWrites” where she shared how her family of boys had gone to a BYU game the week prior and she was feeling the exact way I was about it. But at the end of the night as her boys were singing Christmas songs in the car together and having the best time, she realized that traditions are about family. It’s not so much about what is done as the feelings it creates. What a great reminder to me!

And so I let my ideals down a bit and realized that going to a BYU game could be a really fun activity–even if there were no Christmas lights or caroling going on. Heaven knows my family puts up a lot of my crazy ideas, so this was the least I could do.

You know what? It actually turned out to be really fun! What started out as a small family activity turned into a King family party. When the cousins heard the tickets were $3, everyone jumped on board to come.

Seeing these cute cousins together cheering and laughing and sharing Cougar Tails and popcorn made me happy. And that’s when it hit me: I’ve had my turn. Now it’s time to let them be kids and live their childhoods like I got to have mine. Being a parent takes sacrifices, but most of the time it’s well worth it!

^Hyrum, Charlie, Blake

^Afton and Evelyn


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