December 30, 2017

This post is dedicated to some of our Christmas moments at home:

Popcorn picnic by the tree

I fought the afternoon exhaustion by not fighting it all. I’d usually put a show on for Blake and Evelyn while Oliver and I took a nap together.

Making Fudge!

This is the first year in many that I’ve made my mom’s secret fudge recipe. Oliver and Evelyn had fun helping me. I mean, how could they not love licking that chocolaty goodness straight from the bowl? Oliver called it “budge” all season long. He’d ask us, “budge, budge.” It was too cute and funny to resist, so he usually won.

GIANT poinsettia!

It’s the joke that Brandon is the grinch in our family since he doesn’t get too big into holiday stuff most of the time. But, this year, he helped decorate the tree (even before Thanksgiving!), he initiated family Christmas activiites, and even one afternoon came home from grocery shopping with a giant poinsettia. It made me smile! It was all around our best Christmas season. We did some fun things, but also enjoyed lots of slow moments.

Christmas Pillowcases

My mom made us holiday pillowcases and I’ve tried to do the same. I made one for Blake years ago, but it was worn. I picked up some fabric and finished these a week before Christmas. They loved them and it reminded me how simple pleasures bring so much joy.

Caroling at Nursing Home

Our family and the Monsons went to a nursin g home for one of the #LighttheWorld activities. We brought along our hand bells and ukelele and we played and sang some songs with them.

Layton Lights

We drove through the Layton lights one night. The kids were all in their jammies, but Blake really wanted to walk through them, too. So him and I went on a little date while the others were in the car. He was in heaven. He’s such a boy after my heart. He loves all things festive and I loved having some one on one time with him–even for just a short time.

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